Our Focus

    SSCEF will focus most of its attention over the next few years on 1) Conservation initiatives, 2) Youth Education and Training, and 3) Community Giving to organizations with similar objectives and missions.  Along with the Falmouth Rod and Gun Club, SSCEF will continue to support training and education efforts related to Personal, Public, and Sporting Safety, as well as Responsible Gun Ownership. 


     SSCEF is involved with multiple conservation initiatives in Falmouth and Mashpee, MA.  The Upper Childs River Restoration Project is a primary area of focus. Over many years, the Childs River has suffered damage to its ecosystem, in part due to chemicals and water temperature increases from upstream cranberry bog farming.  The lower reaches of the river have become choked by vegetation and debris.  In 2014, the farming of cranberries ceased and the land started to turn fallow.

     SSCEF supports the Pollinator Meadows and Tree Swallow Bird House projects that are directed by the Falmouth Rod and Gun Club.  For more on these projects, activate the links below.


Youth Education & Training

    Youth education and training is an important aspect of what the FRGC does.  It supports youth through; Youth Day; Conservation Camp sponsorship; scouting; deep sea, trout, and ice fishing; and turkey, pheasant, quail and deer hunting.

     SSCEF acknowledges youth achievement in conservation and outdoor sports at its annual dinner.  In the future, SSCEF plans to communicate the science behind the Upper Childs River Restoration Project as it progresses toward completion.

Community Giving

     SSCEFF supports organizations which contribute to the vitality of our community and align with our direction and objectives. Each year, the SSCEF Board selects which organizations it will support

     During this past fiscal year, SSCEF has designated the following organizations to receive gifts - the Association to Preserve Cape Cod, The 300 Committee, Salt Pond Bird Sanctuaries, Friends of Mashpee National Wildlife Refuge, Boys and Girls Club of Cape Cod, the Falmouth Service Center, the Falmouth Historical Society, Coonamesett River Trust, the NWTF - Cranberry Country Longbeards, and Heroes in Transition.

Personal, Public, & Sporting Safety

     SSCEF and the Falmouth Rod & Gun Club are focused on the well-being of its members and the general public.  It routinely offers Firearms, and Hunter Safety training.  Other areas of instruction and guidance involve First Aid / CPR, Danger of Ticks, Safe Boating, Canoeing, and Archery.

     Membership of both organizations respect life, support the 2nd Amendment, and abide by the Laws & Regulations of responsible gun ownership and use.  Both organizations support law-enforcement trained Active Shooter / Hostile Event training for community residents.

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